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BigBlueButton Cloud

Introducing BigBlueButton Cloud!

BigBlueButton Cloud is your all-in-one solution for seamless online meetings and virtual classrooms. With our centralized moderation and orchestration panel, deploying BigBlueButton on the cloud has never been easier.

Here's what you can do with BigBlueButton Cloud:
  1. Manage admins, companies, users, classes, and online meetings effortlessly. Our intuitive interface gives you complete control over your virtual learning environment.
  2. Keep track of your recordings with ease. Store, organize, and access your recorded sessions conveniently, ensuring you never miss out on valuable content.
  3. Enhance your classes with interactive features. Send Google Map locations directly to your class, making it easy for everyone to access relevant locations and resources.
  4. Take your classes to the next level by streaming RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) within the platform. Seamlessly integrate multimedia content and enrich your virtual learning experience.
  • Client:H.Bey TR
  • Date:Dec, 2022

BigBlueButton Cloud, built on the foundation of the open-source BigBlueButton platform, offers you a comprehensive solution for seamless online meetings and virtual classrooms. By harnessing the power of the open-source BigBlueButton core, our cloud-based platform ensures stability, reliability, and extensive functionality.

With BigBlueButton Cloud, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips to create engaging and interactive online meetings and classes. Enjoy the convenience of cloud deployment and unlock the full potential of virtual collaboration.

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