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Methadone Dispensing Machine

Project Info

The Methadone Dispensing Machine is an advanced system designed to efficiently and accurately dispense methadone medication. It incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure both security and precision in the dispensing process.

  1. High Precision Dispensing (~0.07 cc).
  2. Face Recognition and Finger Printing.
  3. On-Site Centralized Database of Patients.
  4. Information Display on LCD.
  5. Reviewed and approved by the Iranian Prison Organization.
  • Client:MUI
  • Date:Mar, 2020

Firstly, the machine features Finger Print and Face Recognition capabilities. This means that only authorized individuals, such as patients or healthcare professionals, can access the machine and dispense the medication. By using biometric identification, the machine ensures that only the intended individuals can interact with it, adding an extra layer of security and preventing unauthorized access.

Additionally, the Methadone Dispensing Machine boasts an impressive dispensing precision of 0.1 CC (cubic centimeter). This level of precision ensures that the correct dosage of methadone is dispensed with utmost accuracy. This accuracy is crucial in medication management, as it helps prevent under or over-dosing, ensuring patient safety and the effectiveness of the treatment.

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